-Mathilde Witt Mølholm & Monique Engelund-

Mit wenigen Handgriffen, verschafft der Tisch Unfold von Mathilde Witt Mølholm und Monique Engelund aus Kopenhagen, Dänemark für viel Platz auf dem Tisch.
"At Morgan & Marley we are designloving, playful, quite happy and very curious architects. Our world revolves around imagination, experiments, humor and intuition, which somehow always influence every thing we make, and every story we tell. Some days we are very politically correct and some days we are definitely not, some days we truly believe we can save the world, and some days we just want to paint everything that lovely bright blue color of the sky. We aim to create unconventional experiences, generate smiles, feelings and reflections through conceptual design. We do not always intend to make your life more comfortable, efficient or beautiful, because we believe that objects can do so much more than that..."

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