-Steve Bishop-

Das Werk It’s Hard To Make A Stand, vom kanadischen Künstler Steve Bishop, lässt den Betrachter sowohl fasziniert als auch fragend zurück. Der Rest seiner Werke ist ebenso genial wie verstörend. Steve Bishop lebt und arbeitet derzeit in London, UK.
“It’s Hard To Make A Stand is a more recent work,” says Bishop. “I was getting more into using found things and there’s less of my hand in the making. The horse is made from foam, and the blue sheet is the wrapper it came in. I draped a fur coat over its head and it looks like a dog’s head. I’m interested in this process of readymade assemblage because it’s more powerful to let something operate by itself. It was really hard to make a base for it – that’s where the title comes from. The stand has a double bevelled edge as a nod to public sculpture. It’s like a defaced memorial, like when you see a statue of a soldier on a horse and someone’s put a traffic cone on its head – what does that gesture stand for?”

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