-Amila Hrustic-

Für ihre Diplomarbeit erstellte Amila Hrustic ihre Modestrecke Plato’s Collection. Die platonischen Körper Tetraeder, Würfel, Oktaeder, Dodekaeder und Ikosaeder galten für sie als Inspirationsquelle.
"This diploma project examines the concept of geometrically arranged and structured space in relation to the human body. It is the most appropriate to call it a study of perception and contrast, and study of relation between artificial and organic, amorphous and geometric. Each of the five Platonic solids is a basic building element for making dresses. Simplicity of form and use of black and white print patterns on rigid paper emphasize the sculptural collection, its attitude toward the body and overall expression in space. Therefore, Plato’s collection does not fit into the category of everyday fashion and can be considered as a stage costume, and is intended for stage performances, fashion editorials and other special purposes."

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