-Tim Lisko-

Für die Fotoserie Shinkansen, hat der Fotograf Tim Lisko mit offenem Verschluss, aus dem Hochgeschwindigkeitszug von Tokio nach Osaka heraus fotografiert. Entstanden sind dabei 14 einzigartige Bilder mit tollen Farben.

"When I make a photograph, I am literally cropping out the rest of existence — its tension, its chaos, its hunger, its pain. For one small moment, I wall myself into a world of my own creation; a world where things may not make immediate narrative or logical sense, but where everything is in balance. Thin, almost pencil-drawn lines offset wide, flat spaces. The smooth hardness of glass acts as counterweight to the fine hairs of a polyester wig. I don’t have any pretensions of long-term escape. I know when I put the camera down, when I step back from the print, there will be something like an avalanche of smells and voices, car alarms and newspaper headlines, legal obligations and biological concerns."

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