-Lianna Sheppard-

Modu_gram ist eine Kollektion der begabten Modedesignerin Lianna Sheppard aus London, UK. Ihre Entwürfe sind beeinflusst durch mathematische Modelle und gebrochene Formen. Vor kurzem hat sie ihren Magister an der Kingston University abgeschlossen.
"Inspired by mathematical models and fractional forms, ‘Modu_gram’ is a collection or series of 3D wearable structures. Initially created through simple folds and origami's generating form on varying scales each structure is then named separately, Octa, Tetra, Edra and Poly. The pieces themselves transform through the use of several different means; light, movement, structure and colour, all shown using performance also with the use of built in magnets allowing pieces to be worn at different positions on the body the form generation is exclusive to the user or wearer in the moment. Modu_gram is as much about Fashion process as it is about product, I am looking in depth at the generative series, at how we assemble, create, perform and transform as an infinite and continuous series in itself."

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