-Map Cut-

Studio K hat in akribischer Handarbeit die Straßenzüge, Gassen und Parks von New Yoker und Pariser Stadtkarten freigelegt. Als nächstes wird London freigelegt.

"By removing the unnecessary, this New York City map-cut reveals the “paths, nodes, circles, boulevards, parks and streets” of the greatest city in the world.Each of the four 3″ x 4″ paper panels fit together like panes of window. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx are all represented, but it’s only when they’re combined and placed against a colorful backdrop that the city begins to take shape.It must have taken a large amount of time and patience to create something like this. That’s probably why the one-of-a-kind piece is being sold for $550.00." (via)

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